Getting to know Nick

Dr. Nick Bontis is recognized internationally as a leading strategy and management guru. With humor and passion, he empowers individuals, teams and organizations to build their brainpower for high performance and sustainable competitive advantage. Tom Stewart, former editor of Harvard Business Review and Fortune Magazine, states that “he is not only a pioneer in the field of intellectual capital, but one of the world’s real experts as well.” His dynamic delivery and concrete advice will leave your audience enlightened, inspired and ready for action.

His expertise has been tapped by several Fortune 500 companies and even the United Nations who hand picked him for a high profile initiative. His ground-breaking doctoral dissertation is the #1 selling thesis in Canada, in all fields of study. Nick is an award-winning tenured professor of strategy having won over a dozen teaching awards and several research awards. Maclean’s magazine has identified him as one of McMaster University’s most popular business professors for six years in a row! TVO recognized him as one of the top 10 lecturers in Ontario. OUSA awarded him Ontario’s top professor. He is also a 3M National Teaching Fellow, an exclusive honor only bestowed upon the top university professors in the country!

On Stage With Him

As a professional speaker, Dr. Nick Bontis' expertise has been tapped by organizations from every industry. He has engaged audiences in both the private and public sectors and his previous clients include some of the world's most respected organizations. Below are the main keynote presentation topics that he is often hired to explore with audiences of varying sizes. If the topic that interests your organization isn't listed here, feel free to reach out to him directly and request a presentation topic or have him custom design a session for your particular event.

Resources For You

The following links provide a wealth of resources that you can use to convince a client or your colleagues that Dr. Nick Bontis is the best speaker for your event. Feel free to download these documents and pass them on as needed. You are also encouraged to contact Dr. Bontis directly in case you need a customized proposal for your event. Or better yet, setup a conference call with him directly so he can speak with your colleagues.

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Dr. Nick Bontis is ranked among the Top 30 management gurus and Top 5 management keynote speakers world-wide. He is also recognized among the top executive educators at numerous university and corporate training organizations. His dynamic commentary and unique insights are often sought after by television, radio and the print media. The following links lead to several video clips and article interviews.

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